I take the welfare of my clients very seriously. I have had Covid symptomatically and I have been fully vaccinated also significantly symptomatically. It is my understanding that the symptomatic part is a strong indicator that I will be more resistant to a breakthrough infection and retransmission. I am writing this during the rise of the delta variant in August. I expect things will change and will generally follow CDC guidelines. Right now masks are recommended in enclosed spaces even if you have been vaccinated. If it is just two people who have been vaccinated in the same room, I am comfortable not wearing masks at this time. If for any reason you would be more comfortable with masks, I am enthusiastically willing to wear an N-95. Please let me know.


It is my understanding that your chances of getting Covid are higher if you are pushing yourself hard. To that end please be generous with yourself if you are feeling unwell, run down, or even tired and are thinking about canceling. I am encouraging people to cancel their appointment with me at anypoint upto and even during their session if they feel it is best for them and or others. That being said, the sooner you can let me know the better it is for me. If you are run down because you were being indulgent with your impulses it is still a good idea to cancel. If you also feel like being indulgent with my finances and it is not a burden I am always grateful for the full or any part of the normal exchange for covid cancellations less than 24 hours before a session.

The Rooms

In the city I have a 600cfm HyperHEPA filter (IQAir HealthPro Compact Plus) that can process the full volume of air in my work space every 8 minutes, though to reduce noise I use a setting that processes the same volume every 15 minutes during the session and ramp it up in between clients. I use two fans to make sure the air processed by the filter exchanges efficiently with the rest of the room instead of just getting sucked back into the filter leaving the rest of the room filtered at a slower rate. Upstate I have a much smaller practice, more massage rooms and can manage spacing and open windows better.

My Covid Details

I have had Covid. My symptoms started on Oct. 1st. I tested positive on Oct. 10 2020, on both antigen and molecular tests for Covid-19. I received my Release from Isolation Notice on Oct. 17th and was told I was no longer contagious even though I may have persistent fatigue and congestion. Because so much seems to be unknown I waited another 17 days before going back to work. It was not until Nov. 28th that the fatigue felt like it was completely gone. My blood oxygen stabilized before I left isolation and was never below 92%. It is hard to track because my O2 goes up and down through the day but it seems like I am still often 1-2 percent lower than before I had covid. At the height of my symptoms I had fever, sore throat, chest pressure, headaches, persistent and specific muscle aches, loss of smell, dizziness, fatigue, and weakness. I had the J&J one shot vaccine on April 7th 2021. I have been very happy with it. I feel like with my existing immune response, the single shot functioned like a second shot. For a few days after the shot I was not as sharp cognitively and for almost a month after that I was not at full strength, though nowhere near as weak as from Covid itself.

The picture below is my covid work rig from before I got covid. Now I just wear an N95 mask.

Donating antibodies for those less fortunate. Turns out this was not a helpful thing at all, but at least I tried.