In answer to the most frequently asked question, yes you can keep your underwear on. The most important thing is feeling comfortable. There are a lot of good reasons to wear them and also for taking them off. If you are looking for a compromise I recommend a thong. If you are very modest just let me know and I would be honored to accommodate you. There are several types of massage that can be done fully clothed.

I want to convey how I feel about touching people. I know people who have taken wine tasting classes and can discern the distinctions of a wine in a way that is completely beyond me. I feel that way about the body. I have learned to feel the subtleties of texture with that same focus and specificity. I could spend hours every day just feeling different muscles. I do spend hours every day feeling muscles. I have the best job in the world. People often have a disconnect between their minds and bodies. We get so focused on work that we do not realize that repetitive use and over use syndromes are settling in. Massage can bring awareness back to your body. This proprioceptive and tactile reeducation is most effective as preventative maintenance but is also an important part of recovery. In our culture bodies are often compartmentalized. It is hard to join mind, body, and soul when the body it’s self is divided. This massage is about specifically, deliberately joining each muscle, each facial train, and each limb to the next. A lot of people discredit the value of feeling good. They consider things that feel good to be frivolous and unimportant. I disagree completely. It is this type of massage that lowers the stress hormone cortisol. It is this type of massage that increases the white blood cell count (natural killer cells). There are so many things that can give us a negative body image. Feeling good in a massage will affirm the quality of your body. Most people feel calm, centered, grounded, present, and refreshed after this massage. Some days nothing is more important. Most massages are a blend of this and something more mechanical. The soft and gentle hand will help you relax so that you can take more from the remedial hand. If for any reason you would like a purely feel good massage just let me know.