Money is very subjective 

The value of what I do is subjective. I offer a self-determined sliding scale from $150 to $100 an hour. 90-minute massages slide from $225 to $150. Two-hour massages side from $300 to $200. Longer sessions are offered only at the top of the sliding scale, for example, a 6-hour massage would cost $900.  See how flush you are feeling and how you like the massage. You don’t have to pay the same rate every time. I recommend 60 or 90 minutes sessions for new clients. If you forget to pay as you walk out or want to buy a gift certificate for someone and you have Venmo I am @johnellsworth1 (this is a business account, not a person so please search for it under the business tab and don’t try to use my phone number or email) or just email me how much you want to pay for how long and I will email you a credit card payable invoice. Alternatively, you can use this Square payment portal  Thank you.


I don’t have a cancellation policy. If you need to cancel please let me know as soon as you know so that I am not turning away people. Most people pay full for cancellations under 24 hours. If you need the massage and can’t afford to pay twice consider partial payment or another balance of energy. If it is an emergency please do not give it another thought (after letting me know!) and put the energy into getting through what you are traversing. Uncompensated cancellations can happen but are not sustainable or fair to the desperate and or suffering waitlist.

Energy Exchange

Sometimes when I get massage I feel the value of what I am getting is greater than what I am paying. If you feel this way and want to balance the exchange tipping is great. Most of my clients don’t know I have a sliding scale and just tip into or over the sliding scale. For some, $100 is a stretch and their exchange is complete and deeply appreciated. If you want to tip and can’t afford to, an apple or something like it is great and can easily convey the exchange of energy. Giving the excess energy forward to someone else or to your inner child is also a great idea. They/she/he deserves it.


The short answer is no. I love the idea of trades but have found that I don’t bring my best work to the table without the monetary exchange and my second best work is not ultimately good for my soul.  If you are on food stamps and are in pain let me know and we will work something out.