Over the years and years and the tens of thousands of sessions that pass under my hands I have come to realize that I am not working on just a body, but on a connected body, mind, and soul. Don’t get me wrong, most of what I do is something between a spa massage and a physical therapist treatment. But increasingly I am finding that people are more than just a machine.

It is difficult to describe how I work with this greater-than-just-body thing that comprises who we are. In 1999 I was interviewing an established massage therapist who described the work as “woo woo”. I asked her to explain and said it was the sound UFOs made in 1950s SiFi movies. The sound was made by a theremin. An electric instrument that you don’t touch but wave your hands around disrupting the electromagnetic fields (EMF) of the instrument to control both pitch and volume.

I don’t know the mechanism with the human body but there are energy fields, both thermal and EMF and who knows what else that come out of us. Whatever it may be, there is a way to engage it.  This kind of work is often referred to as energy work. I have studied Acupressure, Thai massage, Tuina, Sotai, Qigong, polarity therapy, Craniosacral therapy, transcendental and vipassana meditation.  I don’t fully embrace any of those modalities but they all shaped how I work with energy.

This is a subtle work and not for everyone. Some people feel like they are floating bodily while in a waking dream. Some people experience it as assisted meditation. Some people endure patiently for an hour waiting for something to happen that they never feel.

Most often I feel for your own energy moving in your body and I reflect it, amplify and direct it, softening energetic blockages I feel as the energy moves.

I don’t think of myself as a master in this work. My mastery is in a profound unconditional positive regard and love for others and a considerable capacity to move energy through my own body.  Sometimes the union of all these things is amazing.  I can not promise anything in this field but if you would like to talk about or try some of it in your session just let me know.

My Inwood, NYC home in 2002