There is a population among my clients who like very deep work. The following submenu progression “deeper” pages are for their benefit. It is mostly humorous and ego fluffing as bragging rights or to educate those who think you are indulging in fluffy pampering. If you are a first time client or are not a fan of the very deep work, these pages are not intended for you. Pain does not necessarily equal gain. Please respect your body. Never hesitate to remind me of complications, implanted hardware, sensitivities, bone density issues, or numbness. If you can not speak for whatever reason during the massage tap the table three times like in wrestling.

Normally I tell clients to let me know if things get so uncomfortable that they want to hold their breath or tighten up and I will lighten up. This is always true, however sometimes in the effort to work out a problem the sensations become so profound that a little humor is a welcome distractions. My instructions under this pressure are as follows.  The format is to convey the pacing of my words while working so intensely.

If at any point while I am working,

the pressure becomes so great,

that you notice a circle of darkness,

encroach on your field of vision,

and this circle of darkness,

becomes so intense,

that is resembles a tunnel,

and if you see at the end of this tunnel,

a bright white light,

and if while approaching this light,

you behold your beloved ancestors,

and if at any point you actually feel,

their hands,

touching your body,

just let me know,

and I will lighten up.

Really though, let me know well before any of that. Breathing is important!