There is a population among my clients who like very deep work. The following submenu progression “deeper” pages are for their benefit. It is mostly humorous and ego fluffing as bragging rights or to educate those who think you are indulging in fluffy pampering. If you are a first time client or are not a fan of the very deep work, these pages are not intended for you. Pain does not necessarily equal gain. Please respect your body. Never hesitate to remind me of complications, implanted hardware, sensitivities, bone density issues, or numbness. If you can not speak for whatever reason during the massage tap the table three times like in wrestling.

I feel very confident in applying pressure. Traction can be a bit tricky. I have one client who asks for a lot of cervical spine traction. The normal amount of traction was not enough for her. When I gave her more traction the massage table started sliding across the floor. When I braced the table, she started to slide off the table. It took a long time to figure out, but I now tie a sheet above her hips and tie that sheet to the fire escape. I make this as tight as I can using a rolling hitch. I then use a pillowcase to cradle her head and brace my knees into the table as I lunge backwards. This kind of traction is very advanced and would put most other necks into spasm if not worse.  This is something I will only work up to slowly over several sessions, making sure there are not adverse reactions at the lesser stops along the way.