I have offerings in addition to massage. I have training and experience but I don’t have professional pieces of paper for them. They fall under the umbrella of consultation, or coaching.

Below are my professional pieces of paper for massage. I wish they were more awe invoking or at least more colorful.

I have had to remove images of my documents because the internet is sometimes nefarious and someone has taken my images and photo shopped them to show their names but have kept my license number. While I am not an advocate for licencing in many cases, I do believe in accountability and honesty. I apologize to anyone who has encountered my stolen documents. I am in the processes of ensuring they will not be used again. You can find a link at the bottom of this page that will take you to the state board site to verify that the real version of these documents exist somewhere and are associated with my name.

This is my diploma. It is for a two year degree. It represents a lot of useful information. In Canada it is a four year program. They can write prescriptions with that degree.

This is my license. New York State has the second most demanding licensure requirements in this country. Canada is not part of this country.

This is my registration. I am not at all sure what it is good for. It’s not very big.


Address : High Falls, NY
License No: 014249
Date of Licensure : 10/02/01
Additional Qualification :   Not applicable in this profession
Registered through last day of : 01/24