I am offering something new. It turns out that not everything can be worked out with my elbows.

If you want more growth, change, and movement in your life, I want to know if you are getting it. If the answer is yes then fantastic! Book a massage! If you want some help with transformation, I will not fix you. I will align with you as an ally and together we will find and manifest your desire. If there are fears, resentments, or stresses that are in your way, then together we will free up the energy locked in these emotions and use it to manifest more of what you want in this life.

This is a talking practice, you won’t be taking your clothes off like you would in a massage. You will be doing all of the work. It will be uncomfortable and rewarding. I will help you with lavish attention and fierce loving. I will read your level of desire as you speak and focus the conversation on the parts that have the greatest resonance and sensation. I will challenge when called for and support when necessary. My goal is to discover what you really want at the deepest level, not just what you think you want, or what you are supposed to want, or what someone once told you to want. Once we find your deepest desire we will clear the path for it to guide you to the soul saturating satisfaction of a self-designed and inspired life.

This practice is not for everyone. If you are interested in this work, I offer a free exploratory session. If you want to move forward at the end of the exploratory you will have the option to buy a package of three sessions for $360. These sessions are not interchangeable with massage. Because I am still in training, if you purchase a package before the end of January you can get three sessions for $180. Questions are welcome.